Us at Scandinavian Productions

Scandinavian Productions is a film production company that specializes in telling the real stories. We do all types of productions in which real people's lives and experiences will come to light, be it full-length documentary, portrait interviews, magazine reports, news articles or TV series production.

Scandinavian Productions specializes in portraying the dark side of the Norwegian society. Among other things we are now making a documentary about one of the premier fighters in the explosively growing combat sport of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) - Norwegian Jon Olav Einemo. We have also made several internal films for the Norwegian Special Forces.

We also work closely with editors - including Nettavisen and VG-nett - and can deliver complete cases in a short time. We are very flexible and used to work at high speed.

We are always ready for new challenges! Do not hesitate to contact us, either to discuss a project early in the planning phase or in the short time need an additional unit to complete an already started production. Scandinavian Productions can provide everything from the idea - and the script stage to the finished product and can help you in all stages of production.

The company is led by Tommas Tingbjør who is a graduate documentary director at Curtin University of Technology in Australia.